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The SchuKen Community

the Schuldig x Ken community
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Hello and Welcome to the SchuKen Community!
     As pretty obvious by the name, this community is dedicated to our favorite Schwarz German bastard, Schuldig, and the cutest (imho) of the Weiss boy, Hidaka Ken. The community is rather slow, and sometimes I'm afraid it will die... But still, I wanted a place to collect fics, fanarts and things of the sort about my favorite pairing, so here we are. Also!! When I made this community, I honnestly never thought it would count more than 10 people. But to my surprise, there are now nearly fifty members!

     This is a friendly community. Everyone is welcome to chat, post, comment, swap fics, and whatever they want. If you run accross SchuKen (or Ken-centric or Schu-centric) fanfictions or fanarts on your web surfing, be sure to link us so we can see it too! If you have fics or arts of your own, please post them as well, or email me and I will link to them on this page.

     Now, you can move to the main page, suscribe to the community, friend us, or you can have a look at the SchuKen treasures we've gathered so far.

to be followed by all members at all time
i don't really believe in rules so there won't be many
1 - respect
if you follow that one rule, you'll follow all the others too as they are all based on this one golden rule.
2 - no spam of things unrelated to SchuKen
weiss kreuz however is accepted even if it is not with this particular pairing, depending on what it is. use your judgement.
3 - no trolling
please. it is quite pathetic to see people spit their venom on others simply because they can. grow up.
4 - criticism must be constructive
that means if you don't like something, explain why and how you think it could be improved.
5 - have fun!
and a lot of that!! this is the most important rule after respect.
if you are uncertain about any of these rules, you can either email me [aionwatha@yahoo.com] or if it's a post you're not sure belongs here, post away and i will comment and tell you if i think it should be removed. don't worry, i don't bite!

sorted by authors in alphabetical order
community members first
by _aionwatha_
Confusion Leads the Dance | [NC-17] oneshot
Hell To Pay | [NC-17] oneshot
Cold waters, Icy blues | [NC-17] oneshot
Halleluiah, Lock and Load | [NC-17] oneshot
When sorrow sang | [unrated] prologue
When sorrow sang | [unrated] chapter 1
by errata_sonata and xoq
White | [NC-17] [warning: rape] oneshot
by kyraensui
Perseus | [NC-17] [warning: rape] WIP
by leveldevil
Missing | [PG-13] WIP [ff.net]
by mami_san
Alice | [R] complete
The Reason | [R] complete
Payment On Delivery | [R/NC-17] complete
by raemaxwell
Short Story | [unrated] incomplete
by redemption_moon
You Belong to Me | [G] oneshot [ff.net]
Under the Shade of the Apple Tree  | [G] oneshot
People Never Change  | [G] oneshot [ff.net]
by thorn_stories
By the Book | [NC-17] WIP
fics by non-members
by bleedingfilth
Playing the Part | [NC-17] WIP [ff.net]
by dark_squall
Kleine Katze | [NC-17] oneshot
by Lady Kickass
Blackjack on a saturday night | [R] WIP [ff.net]
Lost | [PG-13] WIP [ff.net]
by Minerva Solo
The Night Before | [PG-13] oneshot [ff.net]
by Misura
Music's No Good (Without You) | [PG-13] complete [ff.net]
Out of my mind | [PG-13] complete [ff.net]
by Wai
Orange Sunset | [PG-13] oneshot [ff.net]

sorted by artists in alphabetical order
by _aionwatha_
Ikanaide | [G] 500x625
Whoah | [R] 800x699
Too Much, Too Late | [G] 600x699
Schuldig's been a naughty boy... again | [PG-13] 650x973
by _bloodrose
Gentle Moment | [G] 602x1077
by raemaxwell
Bloody Affair ♥ | [G] 440x575
Bunch of Schu and Ken fanarts | [unrated] various
by ryuu_ouji
chibi cuteness! | [G] 401x421
by xoq
Hidaka Ken | [G] 774x981
Schu/Ken yaoi | [R] 515x713


by _aionwatha_
by amiko_16by _aionwatha_by originalluff

MastermindxSiberian is Love
by ryuu_ouji